Physiotherapy is more than pure medical science, it is an art of fusing science and sports to create a healthy way of living.

Every single injury is unique – an injury can manifest itself with different symptoms at different stages on different patients. There is no single way to treat an injury.  Years of clinical practice has taught me how limited theories and methods in textbooks can be.

I am a sportsman and I love sports. We all know that there is no fast track when it comes to scoring in sports, we keep training and we keep learning.  Every award in my sports life is a result of hard-earned work, and I keep reminding myself of the importance to stay grounded and humble.  I transcend such discipline to my profession.  I see each injury with fresh eyes, always looking for a more efficient and effective way to treat and heal.

Learning, is lifelong in my practice.

My team comprises like-minded professionals each with unique expertise.  With over 20 years of solid clinical and sports experiences, we are determined to deliver the most updated practice in the field.

Your wellbeing is our priority. Visit us today and experience healing, the upbeat CORES way!

Founder & Consultant Physiotherapist

Mr Elton Ng