At CORES, we firmly believe that regular physical assessment is the best way to prevent illness and medical problems.  We offer a comprehensive range of physical assessments to detect early signs of problems, which will translate into a solid basis for early intervention.

Our list of assessments include:

Musculoskeletal Area

Spinal Assessment

Foot Assessment

Postural Assessment

Flexibility and Mobility test

Muscle Fitness Assessment

Running Form and Gait Analysis (with the aid of Video Footage)

Balance and Fall Prevention Assessment

Health and Fitness Index

Height, Weight and Body Mass Index

Bone Mass and Bone Density Index

Body Fat and Visceral Fat Index

Muscle Mass and Ratio

Body Water Percentage

Basal Metabolic Rate and Age Assessment

Fat and Lean Mass and Segmental Analysis

Cardio Pulmonary Fitness

Cardiac Disease Risk Identification

Exercise Capacity Test

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Profile (Active and Resting)

Blood Pressure Response (Active and Resting)

Heart Rate Response (Active and Resting)

Respiratory Rate Response (Active and Resting)

Blood Oxygen Saturation (Active and Resting)

And There's More

Neurological Assessment

Antenatal and Postnatal Assessment

Geriatric Health Assessment

Paediatric Developmental Assessment

Sporting Technique

Work Assessment

Memory Test

Please contact us at 2736 6330 for enquiries and appointment.