CORES Milestones


2006 - 2009


Our first physiotherapy & specialized training centre started its service in Tsim Sha Tsui.  We were the pioneer in providing holistic health assessments and specialized training programs, alongside with top-notch physiotherapy treatments.  Our target is to help building healthy lifestyle through a safe and scientific approach.


CORES provided physiotherapy and technical advice to over 50 large scale sports events, corporates, sports organizations and lectures at academic conferences. We then started the establishment of our second centre in collaboration with local corporates at International Commerce Centre (I.C.C.), one of the landmarks in Hong Kong.


2010 to 2014


Our headquarter was relocated to a prime site in Central. Our team attended overseas training courses on the latest advances in medical technology aiming to serve our clients better. CORES housed more advanced medical equipment and training facilities. We expanded a designated sports training area and multi-functional space.


We provided clinical services, wellness services, educational services and corporate services to over 100 corporates and organizations, and attended over 50 media interviews in magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations, delivering health and sports training information to the general public.


2015 to 2019


The steps of CORES never stopped. We aimed at becoming one of the largest physiotherapy private practices with our inter-disciplinary team of professions. In additional to our expertise in musculoskeletal disorders, we also provided rehabilitation regarding post-surgical conditions, cancer pain, infants, pre and post-natal conditions, cardiac problems, obesity, neurological disease and stroke.


2020 to 2024


CORES’s growth is faster than ever. We developed into three branches with over 10,000 square feet in total, accommodating over 40 treatment rooms. We have been digitalizing and constantly upgrading our administrative and communication system for the betterment of our service and to follow with the rapid expansion. We share our most updated prevention and treatment tips in media interviews and videos, alongside with the latest news on the CORES Team through our vast online public education channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.


From now onwards


Here in CORES, we firmly believe in our role to fulfill social responsibilities. Over the years, we have participated in a wide range of charitable campaigns actively, such as assisting patients to organize self-help groups to provide hydrotherapy for people in need, and fundraising for charities to promote organ donation. More volunteering plans are underway, and we hope the community can enjoy a healthy lifestyle through our passion and love for sports. We grow with the community!