Worksite Ergonomic Assessment

Is the traditional workplace design suitable for your staff? How should the monitor, keyboard, documents, desk, and chair be arranged? What are the ideal desk height ratio and distance ratio for your staff of different body build so that they can work with a more comfortable posture and avoid overuse injuries caused in the workplace?


Should you find the furniture and fixture cannot be altered, is there any better solution to reduce possible injuries, or even to promote productivity?


With our professional physiotherapist attending to your office, we can offer a Worksite Ergonomic Assessment. We can hold an educational seminar, offer feasible worksite adjustment advice tailored to the environment and the staff, and give personal postural correction consultation. Participants may receive our health tips brochure and educational videos. Companies that completed the Worksite Ergonomic Assessment will be accredited by us as a certified “Healthy Ergonomic Worksite”!


Please contact us at 9799 4307 or email for an appointment or further enquiries.

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