First Aid and On-field Physiotherapy Services for Sports Events

Mr. Elton Ng, the founder of CORES, is an elite adventure race athlete and a mountaineer. He won many champions throughout the 20-year life of competition. Elton was the appointed physiotherapist and in-charge of organizing physiotherapy manpower in East Asian Games 2009. He is a Grade IV Officer in Auxiliary Medical Service. Elton and our CORES team served over 100 major sports events and was hired as team physiotherapist with national representative teams. We assumed the roles of honorary medical advisor and on-field physiotherapists for many sports events. We prepared a lot of injury prevention and management notes for many corporates.


Having all those experiences we gained from different major sports events, we try our best to protect the participants from unnecessary injuries. Interested parties are welcome to contact us at 9799 4307 or email for details or enquiries.

If you would like to seek our quotation for the services, you are welcome to provide the event details (e.g. theme of the event, venue, date, time, the number of participants, budget, etc.)by emailing, or you may insert your email here and CORES will reach you soon. You may also contact 9799 4307 for consultation.