An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Before a problem arises, scientific body testing and health analysis can help to identify the root cause and early symptoms of the hidden physical problems or disorders, allow you to cure them easily or care and maintain it well in the early stage.


Clients may choose from our comprehensive range of holistic health assessments as follows:


Musculoskeletal aspects

  • Spinal Scoliosis and Posture Assessment
  • Foot Assessment (flat feet, hallux valgus, etc)
  • Muscles and Joints Hidden Dysfunction or Degeneration
  • Sports Injuries Related to Flexibility and Mobility Deficits
  • Running Form and Gait Analysis
  • Elderly Physical Function, Balance and Risk of Fall Assessment
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Physique and Health Assessment
  • Stroke or Brain Damage Physical Function Testing


Other Health and Fitness Index

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Profile (Exercise & Resting)

Exercise Capacity Test (Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Response)

Body Fat and Muscle Mass Analysis

Bone Mass and Bone Density Index



In most circumstances, clients who have an idea to come to CORES to seek help don't exactly know what's wrong with their body, but only feel unwell. Therefore, our experienced physiotherapists will provide you a holistic health assessment. Based on the diagnosis and your condition, we will recommend you the most appropriate physiotherapy, massage and stretching therapy, or specialized training in our centre. If necessary, we may refer you to other medical professions for further investigation or intervention.


In general, the assessment, together with an explanation of the diagnosis and intervention takes about 60 minutes. Please contact us at 9799 4307 or email for an appointment or further enquiries.



Booking hours are 08:30-18:00