The medical term of tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis, which refers to the inflammation caused by excessive strain on the tendons located near the lateral elbow. Racket enthusiasts and people with sudden increased handloading may suffer from this problem.

Self File | Lateral Epicondylitis(Tennis Elbow)肱骨外上髁炎(網球肘) _Elbow Pain Causes, Physiotherapy Treatment



Tennis elbow is an overuse pain disorder. Repeated or excessive exertion of the wrists and fingers extensor muscles are the major cause. Initially, this usually does not induce noticeable discomfort, and most tears can heal by resting. However, if the unhealed muscle and tendon are pulled excessively again, the damage will be accumulated. A vicious cycle will cause tendon degeneration, muscle weakening, and increase the chance of recurrence of inflammation in the future.

Self File | 手肘痛物理治療網球肘Tennis Elbow



Risk Factors
  • The backhand movements of racket sports will excessively pull the muscle and joints and may accumulate many slight tears.
  • Wrist and elbow muscles weakness.
  • Prolong computer work or housework with poor posture



Common Symptoms
  • Initial symptoms include localized pain and tenderness on the lateral elbow. 
  • Abnormal forearm fatigue after continuous work

  • Pain aggravated when wrist or forearm are loaded, such as taking heavyweights, twisting towels, picking up teapots, etc.
  • In severe cases, pain can extend from the outside of the elbow to the forearm and cause wrist stiffness. Sometimes nerve can be irritated and cause long-term numbness on the outside of the elbow. 




Combining both medication and physiotherapy, most inflammation can be resolved within weeks. Stretching of the muscles near the elbow and loosening soft tissues can effectively relax the inflamed and tight tissues. Laser, ultrasound, and acupuncture can help reduce pain and control inflammation.


Using tape for the elbow can facilitate the return-to-sport process and reduce injuries in unavoidable actions.


Although steroid injection reduces pain quickly, it is not recommended to be used in the early stage of inflammation because it has negative effects such as early tendon degeneration.


Recent studies have pointed out that elbow joint subluxation, nerve compression, or prolong swelling of tendon may cause delayed cure for more than half a year. Special manual therapy for the nerve or jointsubluxation is needed for complete recovery.

Self File | 肱骨外上髁炎(網球肘) Lateral Epicondylitis  (Tennis Elbow)_手肘痛成因物理治療運動1

Self File | 肱骨外上髁炎(網球肘) Lateral Epicondylitis  (Tennis Elbow)_手肘痛成因物理治療運動2


Self File | 肱骨外上髁炎(網球肘) Lateral Epicondylitis  (Tennis Elbow)_手肘痛成因物理治療運動4

Self File | 肱骨外上髁炎(網球肘) Lateral Epicondylitis  (Tennis Elbow)_手肘痛成因物理治療運動3



Preventive Measures

It is not difficult to subside inflammation but improving daily habits or exercise skills is the cure. For example, use a better ergonomic keyboard, arrange a break or reduce the number of repetitive extensions of the wrist, and improve the batting technique. In addition, after the tendon is inflamed, its load-bearing capacity is greatly reduced. It is necessary to gradually train the strength of the wrist extensor muscles to reduce the chance of recurrence.






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